Mines Awareness Trust

The Mines Awareness Trust's Proposed Programme.

  • Contact the main aid agencies and carry out a reconnaissance of the area.
  • Find suitably educated ethnic teachers and identify them as instructors.
  • Procure all training aids and suitably equipped vehicles for the whole project.
  • Employ one other International as the programme manager and second instructor.
  • Produce educational materials in the local language.
  • Employ and train the instructors with a dedicated well laid out training programme tailored for all age groups.
  • Once established in the camp and posters etc have been implemented - train ethnic teachers and employ them for the project period.
  • Train these ethnic teachers to be Mines Awareness Instructors and provide them with training aids and educational handouts. Tailor educational programmes to suit student age groups.
  • Co-ordinate all awareness programmes in co-operation with the Humanitarian agency running individual camps. Documentation of all refugees attending training will be held by the camps administrative elements.
  • Myself and the other International would provide technical awareness briefings for all Humanitarian staff and advise on the disposal of any ordnance located within the camp.
  • Implement the educational programme and co-ordinate the programme with the aid agencies responsible for individual camps.
  • Print educational materials for the relevant groups and distribute to all.

  • Once repatriation has taken place use all resources already in place to educate and implement programmes within Kosovo.
  • Be involved in the Mines Casualty network and rehabilitation.

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