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This years Heritage Beach walk was once again a great success, with 350 walkers braving the 12.5 mile (20 km) course along the lovely west coast of Guernsey. Again the walk attracted families, who together walked the course with their dogs and friends. The Heritage beach walk is fast becoming a regular fixture in peoples annual calendar as an event to raise money for MAT. It is envisaged that next years walk will be shifted to September so as not to clash with other events scheduled for May/June each year. Next years beach walk will be taking place, please ensure your on the start line, watch this space: http://www.heritage.co.gg
2005-05-12 14:27:55 posted by:

    Slim for Good for Companies
Over 50 staff at Specsavers have signed up to the first ever Corporate Slim for Good. The 6 week programme, that will be available to other companies in the Channel Islands, includes a personal fitness and nutritional programme with Ian Potter at One Life and celebrity nutritionist expert, Dr Sarah Brewer. Staff at Specsavers can also join a weekly exercise class.

Slim for Good are set to raise even more money thanks to Specsavers kind offer to double any money raised by staff.

Other companies who are interested in participating in a similar tailored programme, please contact John Stares on 01481 233780.
2005-05-12 07:21:32 posted by:

    MAT gets Healthy Direct Boost
£15,000 has been raised for MAT and more than half a million people have been told about the local charity's world-wide achievements. Healthy Direct chose MAT as the winter recipient of their charitable donations programme and have met the target of £15,000 through their mail order catalogue promotion. MD Graham Winn handed the money to MAT's Ben Remfrey stating that 'Healthy Direct is proud to help Mines Awareness Trust as its work is so critical'. The MAT team would like to thank Healthy Direct for their generous support in the fight against the innocent loss of lives, limbs and livelihoods around the world. http://www.healthydirect.co.uk
2005-04-26 18:34:01 posted by:

The second annual Slim for Good started on the 01st March and is scheduled to finish at the end of June. This years initiative states that people can join when they want to, so a start date isnt really applicable. The idea is people can sign up and lose an amount of weight they are comfortable with, whilst also gaining sponsorship for MAT's work worldwide. More information on SFG can be obtained from the website: http://www.slimforgood.org
2005-04-18 11:48:28 posted by:

    Friends of MAT goes Corporate
MAT has launched its latest fundraising initiative at the Institute of Directors Annual Dinner 2005. Key business leaders and decision-makers were given the opportunity to sign-up their companies to become Corporate Friends of MAT by pledging as little as £100 a year. It is hoped that the business community will appreciate that supporting one of MAT's projects is a valuable investment.

The money raised annually from the initiative will be used to implement MAT's life saving education and mine clearance projects around the world.

If your company would like to join Corporate Friends of MAT please download the pdf joining form here.

2005-04-11 15:04:26 posted by:

    Mine Detection Dog Programme, Sri Lanka
The MAT/ MFP MDD programme in Sri Lanka is progressing to plan, with equipment being imported and local staff undergoing training. The project is funded by Specsavers Optical Group (SOG) with additional funding coming from Guernsey Overseas Aid. The project aims to go operational using the MDD's in June/July 2005. The dog centre has recently had two litters, two of which have been named 'Arnie' and 'Angie' by Guernsey school children.
2005-04-06 10:34:03 posted by:

    MAT Kosovo Team Continue work
The MAT Kosovo Survey/ EOD team continue to win contracts in Kosovo. The team is 100% Kosovar, and have recently won their fourth contract to continue to investigate areas of Kosovo which are suspected or indeed contain items of UXO or landmines. The team work throughout the province, from the mountains bordering Monte-Negro to those which border Macedonia and Serbia. MAT are rightly proud of the teams continued success and professionalism.
2005-04-06 10:28:53 posted by:

    Flower Power Supports MAT-Sri Lanka
Send-a-bunch, the Guernsey based flower delivery service, have teamed up with MAT to raise at least £15,000. 50 pence from each gift ordered before 31st March 2005 will be donated to help MAT continue its work in Sir Lanka in the wake of the devastating Tsunami. Send-a-Bunch have also given 350,000 people the opportunity to join Friends of MAT by distributing the joining form with their catalogue.

Thanks must go to everyone at Send-a-Bunch for their support. Please visit their website on www.sendabunch.co.uk and help support MAT.

This represents the second company to support MAT through our new mail order initiative. If you are interested in finding out more about this initiative please contact Jonathan on 01481 233780 or
2005-02-16 20:26:59 posted by:

    MAT in Sri Lanka
MAT is now operational in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami of Boxing day 2004. MAT previously worked in Sri Lanka for two years developing a local NGO by the name of CTF, who are now the largest Mines Risk Education agency in Sri Lanka. MAT Director Ben Remfrey and coordinator Tony Shala travelled to Sri Lanka in early January to conduct an assessment of what MAT could do to assist in the clear up of Landmines and UXO in areas affected by the Tsunami. The MAT team soon established a relationship with the Sri Lankan NGO 'Mine Free Planet' www.minefreeplanet.org, who need technical and financial assistance to enable their dog centre to produce Mine Detection Dogs (MDD's). Once handlers are trained and the dogs are accredited by the Sri Lankan Government and the UN, the dogs will go to work in reducing down areas where landmines have been displaced and where minefield marking has been moved. This dog capacity will also be utilised in other areas of Sri Lanka affected by landmines adding a much needed tool to the country pool of expertise.

The MAT team spent several days in the field whilst conducting their assessment, which included the east coast and the northern area of Sri Lanka. Again MAT shows that its skills are much needed in areas recovering from wars and in this case natural disasters.

MAT needs material and financial assistance to develop the dog programme and to also support a prosthetics clinic in Killinochchi for people who need limbs due to landmine and UXO incidents. MAT also intends to work with a local company to dig wells in the Tsunami hit areas, thereby providing drinking water to communities and water for agriculture.

If you wish to help in any way, the contact details for MAT are as follows...

The Mines Awareness Trust C/O SOG La Villiaze St Andrews Guernsey GY6 8YP

Tel: 0044 (0)1481 233780 Fax: 0044 (0)1481 239337

2005-01-26 08:28:16 posted by:

    Reuters AlertNET Online
MAT to join Reuters AlertNet service providing news and information for development agencies and interested parties.


2004-11-11 15:28:28 posted by:

    Join Friends of MAT now!
Join Friends of MAT now! and help and the needless theft of lives, limbs and livelihoods.
2004-08-17 22:07:19 posted by: