Mines Awareness Trust

How Could The Trust Be Marketable For Any Investor?

Involvement in this proposed Trust fund would have certain commercial benefits for any investor. The amount of media attention given to Mines related operations World-wide is well documented. To sponsor an educational programme such as I propose would attract favourable coverage.
The vehicles used would have to be of a certain type due to the conditions in the Southern Balkan region. The vehicles would be equipped with the latest power media projection equipment. These vehicles would as well as the Trust logo, sport the registered logo of the sponsor. The multi media training package would again feature the sponsors logo and any message at the start or end of any educational feature.
Educational work books, handouts, colouring books related to the Mine Awareness message for example would be given to the younger children. Again all these educational handouts would carry the sponsors message / logo.
Local, National and International media coverage would be, with the right marketing strategy, available to cover the Trust from inception. The Global Mines and UXO problem is big news and would attract attention to the activities of the Trust and the involvement of the sponsor.

I am certain that the programme I propose would save many lives. It would certainly prevent many unnecessary Mines or UXO related incidents and subsequent casualties.
In my experiences World-wide, most recently in Bosnia & Herzegovina it is apparent that children are the group most at risk from this very real threat. I have had many dealings with child casualties and the injuries they sustain are obscene.
An analogy would be for a child in Guernsey to go out to play and pick up something unusual. Take this item and use it as a play thing with friends, the item invariably in affected countries would be a piece of ordnance. The results are all too often tragic but are avoidable if these children were educated and informed.
We have a unique opportunity to make a real difference, we can help prevent incidents occurring and save many lives as a result.

Without adequate funding we are powerless, please consider my proposal. It could mean so much to so many unfortunate people.

Contact us for sponsorship details.

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