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    What can you do?
MAT needs assistance in many forms, most of the time this is in the raising funds for the support of our country projects. The best way in which you can do this is by becoming a Friends of MAT

However, if someone would like to help by using their own particular skills or by formulating and sharing ideas to help us then we would be most grateful to hear from you.

If you would like to help MAT end the needless theft of lives, limbs and livelihoods please contact us on
or by calling us now on 01481 233780.

    Landmine Action Week - November 2004
Landmines action week is to take place in the first week of November 2004. It is hoped that MAT will benefit from a variety of initiatives during this week and people are encouraged to assist with events to raise the level of awareness in the Channel Islands to the plight of millions of people living in landmine and UXO infested areas of the world.

National Landmines Action week is all about raising the profile of Mines Action (MA) in Great Britain, and for MAT in the Channel Islands.

The idea is that we not only raise awareness locally to the threat posed by Landmines and unexploded bombs in the 70 countries worldwide, but also so that we can raise much needed funds for our new programmes worldwide in 2004 and onwards.

We are encouraging companies, schools the media and individuals to support the week in any way possible. This might be in the form of a Channel Island wide mufti day by companies to a particular fund raising event by a school or group of individuals.

We sincerely hope the people of the Channel Islands will pull together during this week for the people maimed or killed each minute, day or month of the year.

In the countries directly affected by conflict approximately some 2,000 civilians are either maimed or killed each month by Landmines or unexploded bombs, of this an estimated 75% are children!

Please help us to help them.

Contact us at any time to discuss any ideas you might have.

    Paul Meader
"I cycled from the French/Spanish border to Santiago de Compostella along the medieval pilgrim route in April 2001.
We did it on mountain bikes carrying all our equipment.
It was about 520 miles, which we did in 8.5 days, quite an achievement given the terrain that was much tougher than we had expected.
Spain doesn't do flat....
The toughest climb that we had was a non-stop 26km climb taking us to over 4000 feet where we encountered snow on the ground".
"The intention this September is to cycle from our start point last year on the border across France to Mont St Michel, in so doing completing a pan European pilgrim route.

It will be about 600 miles on the back roads of France, which we hope to do in 9 days, again on mountain bikes".

Paul's trip raised much-needed funds for MAT's Eritrea project.

    Paul Wood & Paul Mathews
In April 2002 the two Paul's travelled to the Western Sahara where they took part in the 'Marathon Des Sables' (Marathon of the Sands).
It was their first attempt at what is called "the hardest footrace on earth"; the total distance covered was 150 miles.
Despite sweltering temperatures, sand storms, high winds and almost impenetrable sand dunes both finishing very creditably, and in one piece.

Their extraordinary feet of endurance raised valuable funds for MAT's coming programme in the Sudan.

    Col Richard Graham MBE.
"In 1901 the writer Hilaire Belloc walked from Toul, a small town on the Moselle River in east France, across Switzerland then into Italy and on to Rome.
He recorded his journey in a book titled 'The Path To Rome'.
I was attracted by the idea of following in his footsteps exactly 100 years after him so, armed with his book, I did just that.
My journey turned out to be 800 miles of adventure, learning and fun, a truly wonderful experience made even more enjoyable by the knowledge that it was also serving to raise much needed funds for the Mines Awareness Trust whose good works were well known to me".

Richards's efforts raised much-needed funds for the MAT Eritrea programme.

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