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    Jonsons Family- Recently Uganda
In the Rwenzori Mountains region of western Uganda the Johnson family once lived happily, that is until the war shattered their lives and drove them from their farm into an IDP camp.
The Johnson family had five children. After leaving the IDP camp in which they were living, when the war had finished, they moved to a host community near to their own village.
Eventually, due to land pressure, they decided to move back to their home in order to repair it and get on with their lives, living and farming as they once did. Whilst the parents carried out the repairs their children played, as so many love to do with thoughts of a better life ahead.
Suddenly moments later there was an explosion, the parents rushed to see the cause, it was their children, three of which lay dead, the youngest two maimed, from the evidence recovered at the scene the item which killed the children was an M79 sub munition.
"It looks like a little bell"!!

    Guernsey Press Article School of death
Mines Awareness Trust saved 1.200 children from possible death after finding a record haul of bombs in an Eritrean School yard.
MAT's director of operations Guernseyman, Ben Remfrey, was on a management visit to the country when he monitored a radio report about a child injured in an explosion.
He went to the school to oversee the investigation technique of his team and was horrified by what he saw.
"There where 3000 fused bombs above and below ground level".
"I couldn't believe my eyes at what I saw" he said.
"Throughout the schoolyard, everywhere I looked, were bombs, mortar bombs and antitank rockets", said Mr Remfrey.
"I was shocked that the whole place hadn't gone up. How that whole school hadn't ended up 400ft in the air and all of the 1,200 kids with it I don't know".
When Mr Remfrey arrived at the school, which is the size of a modest primary school, they found that two children had been injured.
One of them, six years old, had had his hand blown off by, what we now believe to have been, a fuse.
"I immediately taped the place off and got the all kids out, my team arrived with their tents and set up camp just outside the school. They spent a week educating the kids and the villagers about the threat posed by bombs" said Mr Remfrey.
"We brought in the Danish De-mining Group (DDG) an NGO we get on with very well, they were as shocked as we were. It's taken them from, until now (May to July), to actually clear the area with two bomb- disposal teams". The school, which was built there nearly 10 years ago, was build of a former army munitions base. Mr Remfrey said that "no one could understand why it had not disappeared into the hole in the ground".
Because the total lack of awareness and resources out there, the local community build the school on the army base site. "It was like an out-of body experience that these people would build a primary school there", he said.
"If one of these items in this confined space were to have exploded, it is possible the whole school could have been destroyed".
"When we explained what we'd found to the teachers suddenly it dawned on them, but the head master said he'd asked the local authorities to do something on two-to-three previous occasions, when various children were maimed, and they'd done nothing" said Mr Remfrey.
"While I was marking the areas off, I just walked round the site and I was completely lost for words. I've never seen anything like it anywhere in the world" commented Mr Remfrey.

    Mark Domgjoni
'Mark Domgjoni' and his father 'Nikolle' left their home in 'Doll' at 01.00, as usual, to go by horse and cart to the area where they cut wood for a living near the Albanian border in the Goden area.
Arriving at 04.00 they began work and 'Mark' was working in an area away from his father when he stood on what is believed to be a PMA-1 or 3.
His father heard the explosion and came running. 'Mark' told him not to come too close and then stumbled out of the area and onto the road/track below the incident site.
'Mark' had sustained a severe wound to his right leg severing it, it only remained attached to the remainder of the leg by the skin! He was then loaded onto the cart by his father and evacuated by horse & cart to the village of 'Doll' and then by road to 'Djakova' civil hospital where he arrived at 08.00.
'Mark' had been cutting wood in this area for 12 months and believed "there were no mines in the area he was working", although he was aware of the incident not far from his incident location earlier this year.
'Mark' is deeply traumatized by his incident and is at present looking for alternative employment, not to continue as a wood cutter once he has recovered from his injuries.
His father and brothers continue to work the area despite my discussing the foolishness of their actions, again with wood cutters in this area stated "this is all we know, how else will we feed our children".
However, a good deal of incidents have happened in this area and I have observed the wood cutters not working in known dangerous areas over the past week.

    Bashkim Ramadani
On The 24th August 00 at 04.00 hrs 'Bashkim Ramadani' (the casualty interviewed), 'Nazim Ramadani' & 'Shkelzin Ramadani' left their village of 'Celzine' to collect wood from the area adjacent to the Albanian border, in the area South of 'Goden'.
Arriving at 06.00 hours the men began collecting wood in an area 'Bashkim' said was "not mined" & that "this was the first time he and his family had visited the area to collect wood". At approximately 07.30 'Bashkim' stepped on what is believed to be a PMA3 blast Anti Personnel mine.
As a result of the blast 'Nazim Ramadani' received injuries from secondary fragmentation, which he nearly died from due to excessive bleeding.
'Shkelzin Ramadani' received slight facial injuries from the blast, which were consistent with that of a stone.
The three men then made their own way to the hospital in Gjakova arriving approximately 90 Minutes after the incident (around 09.00).

    Pren Gojani
On 17 June 00 'Pren Nue Gojani', his brother and nephew left their village of 'Doll' with a horse & cart to collect wood from the area close to the Albanian border in the 'Goden' region.
At approximately 13.20 he was finishing collecting the wood when he stepped on an A/P mine.
The mine removed his right foot, the other two family members came to assist him, 'Pren' then noticed that the remainder of his foot was hanging on by the skin.
When I interviewd 'Pren' he stated that "this was the first time I have been to collect wood, I only did it because I need to keep my family warm in the winter and not for selling the wood". Prens father said "I have spoken to 'Pren' over the past few months to stop him collecting wood for sale", this conflicts with Prens account. 'Pren', as a result of his incident, sustained a below knee amputation, all as a result of his 'risk-taking' behavior.

    Labinot Dervishaj
On the morning of Saturday 26 August 00 seven boys from the village of 'Irzniq' went to the East of the village to tend their families cow's.
One of the boy's 'Ardijan Dervishaj' is 18 years old and had three days previously collected a large calliber bullet intact from the area.
He left the bullet with the children at the area by the field where they were sitting.
That afternoon while four boys left the scene the other younger boys 'Fidan', 'Labinot' & one other were "shining" the bullet with "sand paper", 'Fidan' then decided to hold the 'round' between his legs in an inverted attitude, he then struck the base of the 'round' with a "small cooking pot", the 'round' initiated removing most of 'Fidan's' left hand damaging his right hand, damaging his inner leg areas & slightly injuring the other two children with him.
The older boy 'Ardijan Dervishaj' then rushed back to where the boys were and picked up 'Fidan' and ran to the road to take him to 'Decan' first aid post.
He was then taken to 'Peja' hospital.

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