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    Ben Remfrey
Being a relatively new NGO MAT has a small core international staff. A profile of each can be accessed as follows:

Ben Remfrey

Ben is the MAT Director of Operations & founder of the MAT. More often based in Guernsey, at the MAT head office, Ben is responsible for MAT policy and growth.

Contact Ben:

    Jonathan Winn
Jonathan has recently started as the MAT's development officer. Based in the Guernsey office he is responsible for the development of local and global MAT initiatives. With a Masters in International Development Jonathan brings a depth of knowledge and some vitality to the MAT team.

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    Netsanet Solomon
Netsanet Solomon is the MAT Africa representative. Her current post is developing the MAT Project in the Rwenzori region of Western Uganda. Netsa has previously deployed on MAT projects in Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Contact Netsa:

    Artur Tigani
Artur Tigani is the MAT Survey team Programme Manager in Kosovo. Artur has been running the MAT Kosovo project since June of 2003. The team are currently funded until 31st December 2004, when it is anticipated further funding will be made available until 31st December 2005.

Contact Artur:

    Adrian Sahatqiu
Adrian Sahatciu is the MAT MRE Programme Manager in western Uganda, where he is currently developing the local NGO the Anti Mines Network for Rwenzori. The project is currently in the Needs Assessment phase. Adrian has worked for MAT in Kosovo, Sri Lanka, the Sudan, the DRC and now Uganda.

Contact Adrian:

    Dritero Shala
Dritero Shala is the MAT Office Manager and IT/IMSMA officer for the Survey team project in Kosovo. Tony joined MAT in September 1999. Tony is also responsible for the MAT website, and regularly updates the site so that the information we provide is a fresh as possible.

Contact Dritero:

    Clare Usher-Wilson
Clare has recently joined the MAT team. She has a background in trust administration, so brings some valuable expertise to the MAT international staff.
Her role is one of general administration, setting up country offices and training national administrative staff. She is also involved in liasing with donors and writing reports and proposals.
A key role for Clare also involves survivor assistance initiatives.

Contact Clare:

    Bekim Shala
Bekim Shala is the second longest serving MAT staff member. He is the chief training officer and is at present a MAT Technical Advisor to the Sri Lankan NGO CTF.
Bekim specialises in many training mediums. He has much experience from training international and national staff in Kosovo, Eritrea and most recently in Sri Lanka.
A Kosovar Bekim knows the feeling of being forced from his home, he has experienced this and from this experience he feels connected to those he works to protect.

    MAT LSN Staff
MAT is committed to capacity building in all our programmes.
We are also dedicated to rebuilding lives, where possible, of people who have become casualties from Mines and UXO's.
Tesfa Michael Mogos & Bahram Zeray are two 'survivors' which MAT employed in our programme in Eritrea.
We employ 'survivors' because we believe they have a contribution to make to education in communities, especially their own. With the case of Tesfa Michael and Bahram we have excellent staff, who use their testimonials of their experience at becoming a casualty to save others from a similar fate.

    Omar Saleh
Omar Saleh is a Tigre from the Barentu area of Eritrea. He was, until recently, the team leader of the MAT MRE teams in the TSZ border area with Ethiopia. Omar is a prime example of MAT national staff, who are capable and able to lead their teams in sometimes difficult situations, saving lives and limbs on a daily basis. A father of two himself his heart is in the job of education and limiting deaths and casualties in the multi-ethnic societies in which he works.

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