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The UN estimated that there were 110 Million mines laid World-wide before the present conflict in Kosovo. The UN estimated cost of clearance of this problem is US$ 33 Billion. Last year 100,000 mines were cleared throughout the World while 2,000,000 mines were laid for the same period.

The UN estimates that on average 30 people a day are killed by mines and many more are injured within the 35 Nations that are badly affected. This figure is now 36 Nations due to the present conflict in Kosovo.

It will take many years for any one affected Country to clear this menace to a degree where casualties no longer occur. With this amount of contamination we need, in the short term, to address this problem by way of dedicated Mines Awareness Programmes for all citizens. Many mines casualties are children, these children deserve to be made aware of the devices which litter their home land. Education and information is therefore the key to preventing incidents and the inevitable casualties.

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