Mines Awareness Trust

How most incidents occur

Mine incidents mostly result from people consciously taking risks with Mines & UXO.

What are these risks?

  • Attempting to de-mine

  • Travelling through or to known dangerous areas

  • Working in known dangerous areas

  • Bringing these items into the home

  • Using Mines and other military items in daily life

  • Playing with Mines & UXO

Why do people take risks?

  • Lack of Mines awareness

  • Economic factors

  • Social pressure

  • Emotional factors

  • Denial of reality

If we want to help people live more safely in a contaminated environment we have to be able to answer these questions by way of education and information.
Mine Awareness is all about understanding the communities we are working with, understanding how they are affected by, and reacting to, the problems of contamination by Land Mines & UXO.

Understanding is the key to success.

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