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  How is MAT funded?

In Country

De-mining is a highly necessary but long and very expensive operation. In MATís experience, educating people about living with landmines is a far more time and cost effective means of safeguarding lives. Mine risk education thus remains the cornerstone of MATís approach to the global problem of landmines, but even the educational projects need considerable funding.

Governments and multi-national institutions, such as the United Nations, provide funding for major projects. MATís work has previously been funded in country by various United Nations agencies such as UNICEF (children) and UNHCR (refugees), as well as the British, American and Australian Governments, Guernsey Overseas Aid and Comic Relief.

Raising Funds

MAT continually faces a shortfall of funds to start and develop a country project before major donors can be found. The global need for MATís expertise is unequivocal: tragically the current available funds are not sufficient to allow MAT to pursue all of its requests for help.

You can help us make a real difference by becoming a Friend of MAT.

Administration Costs

MAT is very fortunate in that our main commercial sponsors generously meet a significant proportion of our administration costs. This means much more of your donation goes where you want it to go, to funding our lifesaving projects.

Specsavers Optical Group

Specsavers Optical Group based in Guernsey accomodate MATís headquarters and absorb all the day-to-day costs incurred, from international telephone calls and mail, to flights between Guernsey and the United Kingdom.

The Louvre Fiduciary Group

The Louvre Fiduciary Group professionally administers the Trust and covers all the associated administration and banking.

Babbe Le Pelley Tostevin Advocates

Babbe Le Pelley Tostevin Advocates provide all of the Trusts legal services without charge.

Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants

Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants cover MATís audit costs.

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