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Commercial Ambassador Programme

The Commercial Ambassador Programme represents a unique opportunity for the Mines Awareness Trust. The Partnerships between MAT and the commercial community that will be built through this programme will save many lives and limbs, particularly those of children.

The Commercial Ambassador Programme attempts to directly fill funding shortages. By finding Partners for current projects and by finding Partners willing to invest in new projects MAT will be able to safeguard tens of thousands more lives.

Find out how your company can build a mutually beneficial Partnership with MAT and read about other companies Partnerships.

Five well-respected and influential individuals, with distinctive backgrounds in different commercial sectors, have come together with one intention: to build mutually beneficial lifesaving Partnerships. The commercial Ambassadors believe passionately about the importance of MAT’s work and they are here to convince your company about the potential benefits of building a Partnership to save lives

To order your copy of the Commercial Ambassador Programme brochure email or call 01481 233780.

Deputy Carla McNulty Bauer
Carla graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies in 1982. Her career progressed in primarily tourism and travel roles in operations and customer service. In 1996 Carla moved with her late husband to Guernsey and held senior operational management positions with Guernsey based companies Specsavers and Healthy Direct. In 2004 Carla entered life in politics and was elected as a Deputy of St Peter Port South. She is now a Board Member of the Culture and Leisure Department and Deputy Minister of Commerce and Employment. “I am very pleased to be able to be an Ambassador for MAT, and I am very keen to contribute to its fundraising efforts where the results are the saving of human lives and limbs”.

Deputy Jack Honeybill
Jack Honeybill is a retired Bank Manager who was elected to the States of Guernsey on 21st April 2004 as peoples representative for St Peter Port North District. Jack was runner up in the election to a sitting Deputy and there were 14 candidates for 7 seats. He was subsequently selected for the Treasury and Resources Department and the Culture & Leisure Department and is also a member of the Public Servants Renumeration Committee. Jack is Chairman of the Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice (since 1993) and he plays Golf at La Grande Mare (Handicap 23) and Trombone with Guernsey Concert Brass.

Charles Billson
Charles Billson is Founder and Chairman of the Long Port Group, a property investment and development company with its headquarters in the Channel Islands. Guernsey projects include the regeneration of Cour du Bordier, Le Bordage and the transformation of the Royal Hotel Site into a £150m office, residential, retail and leisure scheme which will become the gateway to Guernsey. UK mainland projects include a 271-acre £115m brownfield mixed-use scheme at GibfieldPark, Wigan. Charles, who is married with four children, supports a number of charities and is proud to be a Commercial Ambassador for MAT.

Nick Wild FCII
Nick is a Partner of JLT Risk Solutions and is Managing Director of JLT Risk Solutions Guernsey. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute by examination and is a past Chairman of the Guernsey Insurance Company Managers Association. He has recently worked with an agency of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and the Glasgow & Caledonian University to create the world’s first academic qualification in captive management. Nick has twenty-four years experience in the insurance industry the last sixteen having been spent creating and managing captives in Guernsey. He has sat on the boards of over twenty five captive insurance companies covering a diverse range of businesses and has worked on captive projects for parent companies from a wide geographic spread.

Richard Searle Bsc FCA C.Dir
Following his degree in Economics, Richard qualified as a Chartered Accountant with BDO Novus Limited (formerly BDO Reads), of which he is now a Director specialising in advising small to medium sized businesses in the Channel Islands. In 2002 Richard was elected as a Chartered Director following successful completion of the Institute of Directors diploma in Company Direction. He has served on the committee of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry, on which he played a key role in developing a new constitution. In 2004, Richard founded the Final Hour appeal, which raised over £170,000 from Guernsey people in aid of the DEC’s Sudan appeal. Richard is honoured to serve as an Ambassador for MAT.
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