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There are numerous ways your company can build a mutually beneficial Partnership with MAT. We have listed below some suggestions of the kinds of Partnerships that can be forged but we are always ready to explore other opportunities so would be very happy to discuss with you any ideas you may have.

Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing refers to a marketing strategy that links a company and its products to an issue or a cause. This has the benefit of enhancing the companyís image and benefiting the charity. The results for both partners can be increased revenue, media exposure or public relations.

Brand Benefits (2003/04), an extensive study into the impact of Cause Related Marketing for Business in the Community, supported by Research International, Lightspeed and dunnhumby found that 83% of consumers have participated in at least one Cause Related Marketing programme and 70% of those reported a positive impact on their behaviour or perceptions.

The majority of cause related marketing initiatives are based around sales promotions where a percentage of each order or set amount is donated to the charity.

    Guernsey Flowers catalogue, Send-a-bunch, urged customers to order flowers from the Mother's Day catalogue by donating 50p for every bunch sold to MAT.

Healthy Direct urged their customers to increase the size of their orders by donating 10% if every order from a particular catalogue.    


Employee Fundraising

Involve your employees in raising funds for MAT and motivate and assist in staff development and team building at the same time.Whether itís through holding dress down days or encouraging them to take part in events, matching funds raised can provide added staff motivation and belief in the company they work for.

Specsavers ran a corporate slim for good initiative. Fifty members of staff managed to lose the equivalent of six sacks of potatoes in eight weeks. Individual exercise plans and nutritional guidance were given to all slimmers and Specsavers matched the total amount raised. The result was healthier employees and valuable funds raised for MAT.


Your company can sponsor an entire project, providing branding and publicity opportunities in the front line. We will provide regular updates and feedback on the project and its achievements. You will have the opportunity to visit the project to see first hand where your money has been spent, or perhaps you would like to run this as a competition for staff members.

Specsavers sponsor the mine detection dog project in Sri Lanka. All project vehicles display the immediately identifiable Specsavers logo .Staff are regularly updated on the projectís progress through internal newsletters.

By providing funding at the key initiation stage and then continuing to support the project through smaller annual donations a company can provide the impetus to greater funding from larger donors.LongPort has made a three-year commitment to MAT and is helping to consolidate and attract further life-saving funds.

ďAs commercial ambassador for the Mines Awareness Trust I confirm my commitment to donate £25,000 over the next three years to fund the vital work being undertaken across the world by the Trust.In light of the tragic events that had devastated large Areas of Asia I was privileged to hand over a donation of £15,000 to enable the Trust to start work immediately.Ē(Charles Billson, Chairman, Long Port Group.)

Fundraising Sponsorship

Your company can sponsor one of MATís fundraising events and provide a very visible example of the relationship between your company and the charity.

The Heritage Group have organised and run the sponsored beach walk for the last two years and raised much-needed funds for MAT.

Services in-kind

Our main commercial sponsors all generously donate services in-kind that help to keep our administration costs very low. In addition the following companies have also made generous contributions in the way of services in-kind.

Offshore Specialist Appointments Ltd recently donated their expertise and resources in recruitment of new staff members.

BDO Novus have recently designed and supplied a sophisticated information management system.

Dawnay Day Milroy continues to donate high quality items of office equipment and provide offices for meetings.

Cable and Wireless have provided telecommunications hardware and support in addition to hosting our email and website.

Hot Source Audio continue to provide our audio requirements.

Byteart have generously designed and built this website.


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