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Law Suit? 22st March 2003
I just checked for any new guestbook signings and found the following:

"dear webmaster.please note that you are infringing on copyright. ORGANIzED CHAOS is a copyrighted name. please change your name before i file a law suite..... GRAV"

Well.. this is a message for "GRAV"... file the law suit, and watch as I laugh in your face at you claiming copyright infringement for a name which isn't being used on a product or service of any kind. Go on... just so I can laugh at you in court as you have to pay my lawyer's fees.

War. 21st March 2003
Ahh.. so the war has started. About time too I say. There was too much fannying around about it. Well done to all the Anti-war protestors... what a waste of time you all were. Thanks for the public distruption in our city centres... and for all that you managed to acheive!! Tards.

Good luck to all the Allied soldiers involved. It'll all be over soon enough... because we're too bloody good.

Tracy Chapman 19th March 2003
I went to see Tracy Chapman last night at the Waterfront. Absolutely amazing. She's someone I've really liked for years now, and to finally see her live was fantastic.

I also went to the Limelight after the concert. Had a pretty good night. Ended up meeting some friends at Esperantos and chatted for a while, which was good. I haven't really spoken to them outside of the Limelight, so conversation was a bit easier. Yeah... so last night was pretty good all in all!

Skool Disco! 14th March 2003
I've gotten rid of my old entries. Making a fresh start, which is what I'm trying to do personally.

Last night I went to the Skool Disco at the Limelight, and quite possibly had one of the best nights I've ever had there! I seemed to lose all inhibitions, and just had fun all night. Most people I went with seemed to have a great time too! James was fairly drunk, and kept spilling water over himself towards the end of the night. I'd never seen Marc enjoy himself as much as he seemed to last night... he was smiling left right, and centre, which helped my night (Cheers Marc), Marie was all happy because she had gotten off with one of the Bar men who she'd had her eye on for a while, and Dom was... well... just Dom. He always seems to have a good night! Also a lot of me having a good time may of had something to do with the fact that I had a huge weight lifted off my mind a few days back in regards to what I'm doing, where I'm going, etc. It seems like things are looking up, and I'm smiling again, which is always good.

There's very little at the minute that could bring me down.