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Schools for MAT: Education Saves Lives

With so much of MAT’s work involving the education of children in former war zones many schools and pupils directly sympathise and want to help their less fortunate peers.

Many explosive items left after war can look like children’s toys to unaware children. Educating children with clear messages about the dangers of landmines and other explosive remnants of war can safeguard lives. MAT uses a wide variety of techniques and approaches to deliver the life saving messages, from puppet shows and games to children teaching children.

Your school can make a commitment against war and the explosive legacy of war by becoming a School for MAT and raising funds to save the lives and limbs of other children. See the latest fundraising activities from the Schools for MAT.

Contact the fundraising team now to find out how your school can help save lives and limbs with MAT by email or call 01481 233780.