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  Corporate Slim for Good – Lose lbs. and Raise £s to Save Lives

Want to lose weight before the summer with your colleagues?
Corporate Slim for Good can help!

Corporate Slim for Good is a tailored sponsored slimming programme for the work place. Slim for Good has teamed up with celebrity nutritionist Dr. Sarah Brewer and the fitness expertise of One Life Ltd in putting together a 6 week programme for interested companies. The programme, which includes a free nutritional and fitness assessment at the start and a weekly circuit programme is free to all staff willing to raise funds through sponsorship.

If you want to lose weight, but feel you lack the motivation, then Corporate Slim for Good can help. Through your involvement and the support of you sponsors, you will make a real difference to the lives of those most at risk from landmines. Your efforts will save lives and limbs around the world.

With Corporate Slim for Good staying committed is easier. That’s because the focus isn’t only on how weight loss will benefit you, although this is a very important part of it, but also on how it will benefit others. It means that every time you feel tempted to stray from your programme, you can think about those you are helping; about how resisting now could mean that one less child is maimed or killed by landmines.

Lose Weight Together!  We believe that for many people beng part of a team will be more fun and will make it easier to lose weight and stay the course.  With your colleagues by your side the extra support most people need will be there to keep you on track to meet your weight loss target.

To further motivate your employees to become fit and healthy the company can match funds raised by the slimmers.

If you think your company would be interested please contact us by email or call 01481 233780.

‘A good diet and regular exercise are essential if we want to raise the population’s health. I think that companies should be given every credit for encouraging employees to sign up for Corporate Slim for Good. The programme is a great opportunity to get started and benefit directly from the results, both for staff and MAT. It’s a win-win situation.’
Dr David Jeffs
Director of Public Health