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  The Heritage Beach Walk:

Even dogs joined in to lend their support!

All the way from Pembroke to Portlet! Not only is the walk rewarding but it raises desperately needed funds to help our life saving projects around the world.

The walk was fully funded by the financial service providers, Heritage Group, a Partner of MAT. Their support allows all the funds donated in sponsorship to be spent directly on life saving services. 

The walk this year took place on September 10th and was very well supported. Dogs had special dispensation to walk 'no-dog' beaches and several of our furry friends turned up to lend their support.

Thank you to all who took part in the walk and to the large number of volunteers who gave up their Sunday to marshall the route, take registration details and generally help set-up the event.

Special thanks to Michelle Bewey, Mike Carter (Heritage) and Jocelyn Kitch.