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  Kosovo: The Hidden Enemy

Order your copy on DVD now!

“Kosovo: The Hidden Enemy” is the Trust’s hard-hitting documentary about the MAT Survey Team in Kosovo. Produced by Spike Productions and sponsored by Specsavers Optical Group the documentary has been shown all over Europe on the Community Channel and at selected cinemas.

It tells the story of how 6 years after the bitter conflict in Kosovo people are still being maimed and killed by landmines and explosive remnants of war such as cluster bombs.

The programme features the chilling story of Endret Hyseni who lost his leg just 7 weeks before the programme was filmed. He was playing by his house when he stepped on a mine.

The programme sees the problem through the eyes of MAT Kosovo Programme Manager Artur Tigani and his team who survey areas and help to clear the area of the deadly problem.

Order your copy now for just £7.50. Email  or call 01481 233780.