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Kate Adie visits MAT Kenya and MAT Rwanda


Kate Adie, the renowned correspondent, recently spent a week visitng the MAT Mine Detection Dog Centre at the International Mine Action Training Centre in Nairobi. Seeing the dogs in training prior to their deploying to Rwanda and Uganda. Kate then flew into Rwanda and spent a few days on the MAT/NDO Rwandan Defence Force de-mining sites. Whilst Kate was there a TS50 Anti Personnel mine was found and neutralised. Kate witnessed first hand the difficulties in working clearing mines in dense vegetation on steep slopes, something the Rwandan teams have to deal with each and every day. The purpose of Kate's trip was to research for her new book, which involves people dealing with hardship and danger.



Damian added his weight to fundraising


Damian Wood wanted to lose weight to pursue his career as a Fisherman but knew he needed an incentive. He generously decided to benefit MAT by getting people to sponsor his weight loss. He started in mid-November and by the end of May had lost 66lbs! An enviable achievement and we are delighted for him. THANK YOU DAMIAN FOR YOUR SUPPORT


Kosovo Protection Corps

'MAT continues capacity development and training of the Kosovo Protection Corps in Kosovo throughout 2007'. MAT is delighted that the UK MOD has again funded our capacity development of the KPC in Kosovo. This training is the very final stage of the 'Phoenix' project, which UK MOD has funded since 2001. In 2006 MAT was contracted to train the 7 KPC EOD teams in technical survey, which was a great success. The 2007 project sees a team of MAT specialists train the 7 KPC EOD teams up to level 3 (IMAS) EOD, which means that the teams can tackle more complex UXO scenarios as part of their day to day activities

1,000 MILE BIKE RIDE completed


16 year old Alex Palmer who was born in Guernsey and now lives in Wells in Somerset has just completed a sponsored cycle ride from Lands End to John O’Groats a distance of just under 1000 miles in 10.5 days. This is a remarkable feat for one so young especially as he did it alone apart from the back-up provided by his mother Anne Palmer in a camper-van. Not only does such a ride need a lot of strength and physical fitness but also a great deal of determination. His Grandfather Griff Caldwell, who is Chairman of the Trust said “I am immensely proud of Alex who has achieved his goal in record time. For a 16 year old it is an incredible feat and I am extremely impressed with his stamina and strength of character.”  If you would like to make a contribution or receive further details please contact Caroline Allisette on 233780 or e-mail [email protected]


Shelterboxes in Kenya


MAT Kenyan programme assists the organisation 'ShelterBox' with their aid to the victims of floods in Northern Kenya. MAT is delighted to assist ShelterBox and MAT remains committed to asisting people from natural as well as man-made disasters. The picture shows ADELE - one of two permanent new villages created after flash floods destroyed hundreds of homes in the Tana River valley just before Christmas. As well as the tents, ShelterBox sent hundreds of extra mosquito nets to help the flood victims combat malaria and the deadly Rift Valley disease.


Ben Remfrey MBE


Ben Remfrey has been appointed MBE for worldwide humanitarian work in the field of mines awareness. Guernsey's Mines Awareness Trust has helped victims worldwide and works with various organisations to clear areas, educate the people and hand their land back to them. Mr Remfrey said the honour was a "team award" which recognised the work of all the people working for the charity. He said: "The most important thing is obviously the work we do on the ground, but to be recognised for it we are absolutely delighted."


MAT Dog Centre Formally Opened


The MAT dogs are making their new home in Kenya after travelling 3,000 miles across the World from Sri Lanka to Kenya. The new dog centre is within the International Mine Action Training Centre (IMATC) in Nairobi, Kenya. The IMATC was established on 17th February 2005 as a joint venture between the British and Kenyan governments and has a mandate to train African forces to clear their own minefields to international mine action standards. The new dog centre was formally opened by Mr Adam Wood, British High Commissioner to Kenya, as part of an official ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of the IMATC. The MAT dog centre is East Africa’s first dedicated mine detection dog training facility and will be an important addition to the Centre which provides high quality training, advice and expertise on all aspects of humanitarian demining. As part of the official opening Lucky, an Australian shepherd/ border collie cross demonstrated his prowess in sniffing out explosives during a demonstration. He searched an area and in 45 seconds found the mine and indicated it perfectly, this would have taken a man a whole day. MAT is sorry to leave Sri Lanka but unfortunately the move was forced by a lack of cooperation from the Sri Lankan Government plus the deteriorating security situation in the north of the country. Lucky searching for the mine.